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Introducing Surveyor the worlds most accessible digital research tool!


  • Create Surveys Online
  • Quick and Easy Interface
  • Control Flow with Logic


  • Many Question Types
  • Multiple Choice
  • Collect Text Responses
  • Geolocate using Maps


  • Can be Used Offline
  • Use iPad, iPod, iPhone
  • Data Syncs when Possible
  • Live GPS Data


  • Export as CSV
  • No Paying for Data Entry
  • Analytics Included
Web Interface

Create and Deploy in Minutes

Our easy to use web interface allows you to quickly enter the questions for your survey. In no time you will have entered in all of your surveys and then are a simple click away from being able to pair them with the devices in the field. You can make edits to surveys while they are out in the field and they are instantly sent to the devices, saving time and sparing costly reprints.


Powerful Logic

Logic flows can be created simply through the editor, making sure that only the right questions get entered, and that the surveys are quick and streamlined. You can chose to jump to, or skip, a specific question based on answers that users have given before. This way surveys take the smallest amount possible and give you tailored answers to your customer segment.

multiple choice

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions allow for answers with one quick tap. Questions can have multiple selection responses or single selection responses. Multiple choice is easiest way to get quick feedback from users as they are only a couple taps away from submitting the information you need. Multiple choice also makes it easy to build logic into your surveys as you can ask only the questions that you need the user to see based on what their answers are.

text entry

Text, Numbers and More

Text entry allows for more information to be collected from users. Get deeper insights, collect phone numbers, addresses, email, or any information that you need.

number keyboard

Flexable Data Types

Surveys take advantage of the different keyboard types available on iOS saving steps and making data entry as easy as possible. From numbers, to email, to urls, using the right keyboards at the right time helps data be as accurate as possible by helping avoid incorrectly typed answers, and streamlines the surveys for users.

map view

Maps and GPS

Maps allow you to collect location based data. Whether it’s letting people enter their current location that they are collecting data, or survey respondents giving more detailed information, maps give you another option for quick information collection.

(Currently onle available with a data connection)

text entry

Online or Offline

Data is stored on the devices and uploaded to the server when a data connections is established. If the apps have connection you will get you data in real time.

text entry

Any iOS Device

Since data connections are not necessary you can use iPad, iPod Touches, in addition to iPhones and iPad 3Gs. This allows you to save money by having the device out in the field that makes the most sense to use, and not having to rely on the device being connected to the internet to collect data.

text entry

No More Data Entry

You don’t have to waste time and money on having to enter all of the data you collected into electronic form. Since data is synced to the computer you save time and money by getting your information sooner, without any middle step.

text entry

Export and Analyze

Data is exported in csv form, allowing you export it into whatever data analysis software you want. Whether it's Excel, SPSS, or any other software you choose to use, you are one click away from having your data ready to go.